Have you ever felt the yearning to be a rich person? Have you felt the craving to enjoy and live a life that is full of abundance, money, success and happiness to the brim? Have you felt the urge not to work for money but rather see your money working for you? To be financially free?



About the book: “The Richness Principles”

Have you ever felt the yearning to be a rich person? Have you felt the craving to enjoy and live a life that is full of abundance, money, success and happiness to the brim? Have you felt the urge not to work for money but rather see your money working for you? To be financially free?

Nine major facts that grabbed the attention of Taresh are:

1.     A 2018 HSBC research report says that only one out of three Indians plans and invests for retirement. Seven out of ten expect their children to support them during their retirement phase. Every second Indian earns only for a happier today.

Besides, 53% save only for short term goals, says the report.

2.     Most people opine that they are not destined to live the life of Richness. A survey by Fidelity Investments says, 88% of the billionaires are self-made. If they can, you too can!

3.    Did you know that there are 3 key factors that determine whether you will live a life of fortune or in mediocrity for the rest of your life:

1.  Your habits that may reveal your money traits

2.  Your relationship with money

3.  Your fears about money based on your beliefs 

4.     Did you know that your relationship with money relies on your belief system; your inner programming?

5.     Do you often find yourself tangled in the ‘struggle for money’?

6.     Do you believe that money is necessary for success?

7.     Do you have enough money to be able to enjoy life the way you like it?

8.     Do you know how to turn your adversities (disempowering beliefs) around and block them?

9.     Does buying a new house or settling the loans look like a financial success to you?

Many such astounding figures and questions enticed the author to research. He became keen to know about the secret behind the journey from ‘Rags to Riches’. During his research, he unearthed the 11 Golden Principleswhich have been shared in this book, which can largely help the readers unblock their fortune.

The Richness Principles is a book on how a common man can become an affluent person by following simple guidelines. Irrespective of the earning or assets owned, the insights mentioned in this book are, in fact, implementable in everyday life.

Hence, this book unleashes the path for a mediocre to become rich and a rich to become even more exponentially rich. The primary concern behind giving life to this book is to create awareness among people that not even today but even tomorrow needs to be fortified.

The 12 Principles also include various tools and illustrations that can prove to be handy for the readers. The listed tools are not at all as tough as nailing a jelly to the tree. Instead, the shared tips and tools are doable since people have been using them in their life. Besides, the book has downloadable templates; for example, there is one template that can help you draft your own will. Video links have also been added at suitable places for better understanding.

The book has been written in a simplified language that even a common man can understand without referring to the Oxford dictionary. The sole purpose of this all-encompassing book is to empower the readers to think and plan a prosperous life.

Do you know that lack of money is not the problem; it never is, however, lack of planning and investing without goals is what keeps money at distant quarters? Besides, the first step is to triumph over your thoughts. We all are programmed to live the life of Richness. Remember, if you want to change the outcome, you need to change the inputs!

After reading this book, you will start to gain positive beliefs to live the life of abundance that you deserve. You should increase your power of the mind, to open up all the possibilities of having more money. You can invest based on your beliefs and not go by hearsay”. Your investments are always based on your value systems. And this book spotlights the value systems that you should be watering to be a money magnet.

The book also talks about concerns like:

–       If your beliefs are stopping you?

–       How do rich people live a happy life?

–       How to gain the Richness mindset?

–       What are the tried and tested tools that rich people follow?

–       What kind of insurances would you need while on your journey to riches?

–       What are the untold facts about mutual funds?

–       How to plan all your current and future taxes prudently?

–       How to make your money work even after you?

While all endeavours have been made to shine the torch on all the aspects of creating a prosperous life for the common man, this book is not to be taken as any substitute for financial planning, or investment processes, in any way, Professional and expert guidance is strongly suggested to ensure that you gain full benefits.

Taresh Bhatia is an MBA, and he can be trusted because he is a CFPCM (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER CM) who has been working as a financial planner for the last three decades. He has guided over 1000 individuals and families (the number is still counting) and has organized their financial life for them to move positively towards their financial goals. He aims is to counsel 1,00,000 individuals and families and splitting-open the gates to the life that they deserve. This book is one of the vital sources in accomplishing his mission.

In a nutshell, the book is an endeavour to transform your life in the field of finance.

The author has not only applied the learnings in his own life but also has been advising the same to his clients. Significantly, this has hatched spectacular results. The author and his clients have been able to gain financial freedom much before they anticipated. The shared tools and ideas have fetched them a multitude of actionable formats.

Over a thousand people have used these principles. A number of such clients, who have followed these principles to achieve their financial freedom, have shared their testimonials. In addition, several workshops have been conducted by the author based on the learnings.

Here are the five exclusive takeaways that you can count on after reading this book:

1. You will gain impeccable knowledge

2. You will learn the Skill that will give you an edge in investing.

3. You do not have to worry about your future.

4. You will not be dependent on others; rather, others will be inter-dependent on you.

5. You can dream of achieving all your financial dreams within your resources. And you do not need an array of advisors for this. You can create your own path that leads to abundance.

A Promise: The author promises that there are no jargons, as he has used a simplified and common man’s language. The reader shall be able to understand, learn, introspect and implement these principles in his/her life, thereby leading to financial freedom. Therefore, free yourself from unfruitful advice and learn proven methods, thus getting free from all financial worries, forever.

These simplified principles, tips and tricks that you are about to read are alloyed with proven results. Each chapter unfurls secrets that would help you stay in control of your financial future and get a leg up on your relationship with money. If you follow the formulas revealed in this book, you may enjoy the rest of your life full of joy, happiness, money and success.

So, if you let this book gather dust on the shelf, you may regret it because you may miss out on some great principles on how to make your money work for you.



Taressh Bhatia

Author – The Richness Principles

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