Approval Terms and Conditions for Investment in Mutual Funds 

I acknowledge that I have thoroughly reviewed and comprehended the contents of the offer documents, including any addenda, associated with the scheme(s) that have been issued up to the present date. I hereby submit an application to the trustees of the Asset Management Company (AMC) and pledge to adhere to the stipulated terms, conditions, rules, and regulations of the scheme. I have thoroughly comprehended the particulars of the scheme. At this moment, I affirm that I have not received any form of rebate or gifts, whether directly or indirectly, that would influence this investment decision.

I affirm that I am a resident of Indian nationality/origin, and the funds being invested are being remitted from my Indian Ri bank. Through approved banking channels or from my/our savings Account. I verify that the information provided by me/us is accurate and correct. I declare that the funds being invested in the Mutual Fund Scheme(s) are derived from legitimate sources. And are not intended or designed to contravene any acts, rules, regulations, statutes, legislation, notifications. Or directives issued by any governmental or statutory authority from time to time. 

Further details regarding the source of funds will be provided upon request by the AMC. Any upfront commission shall be directly paid by the investor to AMFI-registered distributors. Based on an assessment of various factors, including the services rendered by the distributor. The ARN holder has disclosed to me the commission, whether in the form of trail commission or any other mode. Ranging from 0.05% to 1.50%, payable to them for recommending different competing schemes of various mutual funds. Including the scheme being recommended to me/us. 

I confirm that I/We have not incurred any fees for this transaction, and that the distributor has solely executed the transaction. I also guarantee that I/We have not been presented with or provided any indicative portfolio and/or indicative yield for this investment. 

I hereby confirm that this transaction is strictly an “execution-only” transaction. And the employee/relationship manager/salesperson of the aforementioned distributor has extended no interaction or advice. Despite any advice on appropriateness that may have been provided by the distributor’s employee/relationship manager/salesperson. No advisory fees have been imposed on this transaction. 

Terms & Conditions for all Investments, SIP, Fresh Investments in Lumpsum/Thru STP, SWP, Redemptions: 

  • I have carefully reviewed the recommended plan enclosed and affirm its contents. 
  • I understand that the investment horizon for optimal results is 10 years or more, and I acknowledge that returns are not guaranteed, especially in high-risk equity funds. 
  • For units exceeding 10% of the investment, a 1% redemption charge will apply if redeemed within 365 days. 
  • I am aware of the risks and rewards associated with high-risk equity funds and am prepared for potential fluctuations over the next 10 years. 
  • I have read and understood the terms, including capital gains, exit clauses, and other related information, as specified below. 
  • I acknowledge the income tax implications, including long-term and short-term capital gains tax rates, and confirm my willingness to proceed. 
  • I am aware that this transaction is execution-only, and no advisory fees have been imposed. 
  • I confirm that I will not share or forward this email or any content contained within it. 
  • I understand that my investment advisor has collected necessary information from me, including my risk profile, to provide appropriate investment advice. 
  • I acknowledge that all investments recommended are suitable for my risk profile. 
  • I am aware of the tax implications for debt mutual funds and will make necessary arrangements for income tax calculations. 
  • I have been provided with my risk profile after the risk assessment, allowing me to verify its correctness. 
  • I have read the disclaimer and understand that all investments carry a risk of loss, and no returns are guaranteed. 
  • I  Approve and ask you to initiate the transaction today and that I have understood the following terms and conditions: 
  • income tax implications, as explained for long term fund redemption (As per the tax rate of the investor (Long term capital gains 
  • =10% + 4% cess = 10.40% (if the long term gain exceeds Rs 1 Lakh)  (Short term capital gains=  15% + 4% cess = 15.60%) and having understood this payable tax, I confirm to you to  proceed. As per the tax rate of the investor (Long term capital gains debt= As per the tax rate of the investor (30% + 4% cess = 31.20% for investors in the highest tax slab) (Short term capital gains=  15% + 4% cess = 15.60%)(As per the tax rate of the investor (Long term capital gains debt= As per the tax rate of the investor (30% + 4% cess = 31.20% for investors in the highest tax slab) (Short term capital gains=  15% + 4% cess = 15.60%)  
  • 2) the New investments in equity are highly volatile and I understand the extremely high risk in these equity funds and fund value can go up and down drastically. I plan to remain invested for at least 10 years. 
  • For units in excess of 10% of the investment,1% will be charged for redemption within 365 day; 
  • 3) The terms marked (*) in  my email below are clear and understood 
  • Please go ahead and initiate the transactions marked approved and confirmed below in my email. 


This email and all enclosed statements are based on the information available to us and are for your reference only. Discrepancies should be reported to us. All investments in Mutual Funds carry a risk of loss of principal, and no returns are guaranteed. Projections are indicative and subject to market fluctuations. Taxation is as per the applicable tax rates of the investor. Maturity Date, where displayed, is based on available information. Please confirm with the respective AMC. 

Thank you for your patronage.