A Proposal for a Corporate Investor Awareness Program by Taresh Bhatia

When companies look into the welfare of their employees, what do they do? When corporates want to give something special during their annual sales conference, they look forward to inviting a good speaker. Sales conference, or annual day, companies want to provide that extra.

If you have wondered about giving that extraordinary vision to your employees to help them manage their personal finance better, wouldn’t you like an expert? Someone who has the necessary skills, mandatory registrations and is qualified to do so. Someone who can give an unbiased opinion and not try to sell something. 

If you are looking for such a person to conduct a session, then this proposal is for you. 

As desired by you, here is the proposal for conducting Financial Wellbeing Workshop at your organization. 

What generally gets covered during Financial Wellbeing Workshop?

The following topics can be included in various sessions. You can select the essential or desired items, and we can customize it. 

  • Financial Wellbeing – What is Financial Wellbeing?
  • Investment Awareness – Your Investments have to beat inflation to grow
  • Emergency Funding – How much money do I need to face any emergencies (income loss/medical)?
  • Retirement Planning – How much money will I need for a comfortable retirement?
  • Tax Saving – What are the various tax saving options available for salaried?
  • Mutual Funds – What are mutual funds and how to get started with them?
  • SIP – What is Systematic Investment Plan
  • Insurance – How much life insurance do I need to secure my family?
  • Children Education – How to best plan for my children’s education?
  • Inflation – Are my current investments beating inflation?
  • PF Contribution – How to best utilize the PF contributions & other employment benefits?
  • Existing Investments – What to do with my existing investments & insurance policies?
  • Financial Plan – What is a Financial Plan, and how to get it done for your family?

What is Financial Wellbeing Workshop? Please download this brochure which gives details of a regular workshop.

  • We introduce the concept note on Financial Wellbeing Workshop, which is a program for corporates.
  • Financial Wellbeing is that state of being wherein a person is making the most efficient use of financial resources available to him or her to the best method so that he/ she is in a position to absorb only financial shocks.
  • The individual is on track to meet current and future financial goals.
  • Financial Wellbeing can thus be achieved by any person or family irrespective of their income levels or wealth.

Why is Financial Wellbeing Workshop Important for your organization:

  • Personal finance is an empathetic and critical part of every employee’s dreams and aspiration.· While everyone tries his best, based on his learnt knowledge and past beliefs, there are chances that such experiences could have been biased and could have led to some unnecessary investment and saving decisions.
  • Significant financial issues like taking adequate personal life and health insurance could have been neglected and not aligned to their goals! Also, Will and Estate Planning not addressed.
  • Such issues can lead to unnecessary stress. Such matters should be approached by someone who is qualified, has relevant experience and doesn’t try to promote any insurance or mutual fund product.

Who will conduct this Financial Wellbeing Workshop

To give this unique and all in one blended workshop, Taresh Bhatia is an ideal person he is well versed and equipped to resolve any issues relating to personal finance. 

  • This workshop shall be conducted by Taresh Bhatia, Founder, Advantage Financial Planners LLPunder their “Advantage Investor Awareness Program”.
  • Taresh has conducted personal finance workshops in various forums, including corporates, associations, and universities etc.
  • Qualification: an MBA and a CFP (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER)
  • Experience:  With his experience of 36 years; Having advised over thousand’s of families and individuals in personal finance
  • License + Certification 

    • · CFP Certified Financial Planner

What is the ideal Audience Size and Venue of Financial Wellbeing Workshop:

Typical: 30 participants per workshop.

  • Interactive Session: At the end of the session, attendees are free to ask any question/ concern that they have concerning personal finance. 
  • The venue for hosting Financial Wellbeing Workshop: Online webinar. 
  • Duration of the webinar can be devised as per the requirements, ranging from a minimum of the one-hour session. 
  • The language, specific content requirements and program structure can be designed based on particular focus required and tailor-made to suit the audience type and participant profile. 

What do Participants / Employees get

  1. An Interactive Session by an Expert Speaker
  2. Non-Promotional Investor-Centric Awareness
  3. Investor Education Reading Materials like ebooks
  4. Subscription to Action Email Course

Please watch the following videos.

Investor Awareness Seminar by Taresh

Testimonials Short for Investor Awareness Seminar by Taresh Bhatia

Taresh Bhatia: An Orator, Speaker and Presenter

Other Videos


Taresh has given presentations and conducted workshops/ Talkshows at Organisations like Indian Dental Association (IDA), International Management Institute, New Delhi (IMI) JIMS, Delhi India’s Shelter, BNI, Rotary International, Delhi Technological University, IILM, Jamia Millia Islamia

Terms and Conditions: 

  • Fees: Final amount shall depend on the need, benefits and your budgets. 
  • Our Professional Fee is Made on offer (plus GST / Govt Levies as Applicable/ deductibles as applicable for each session). 
  • Our fees are charged on per hour engagement basis. 
  • Fees are Payable 100 % in advance to Please make thru NEFT to “Taresh Bhatia”  
  • Please make the confirmed order in the name of “Taresh Bhatia“, 107,1st Floor, Qutab Plaza, DLF Phase-1, Gurgaon-122002.Haryana.India. 
  • This is an exclusive offer not to be shared with any other organization. 
  • The content and the slides, music, videos are our exclusive property and cannot be shared before, during or after the events. 
  • We can make some exclusive eBook for every participant, which can be discussed with you. 
  • Once confirmed, we shall plan mutually convenient dates. 


What Next: This is a proposal for conducting a Financial Wellbeing Workshop for corporates. Download the brochure; Please fill in Webinar Reporting Form by TARESH BHATIA.xls by providing your details. If you want us to be more prepared, please download and fill in The Taressh Bhatia Speaker Advance Questionnaire.xls and send it back to Taresh@tareshbhatia.com 

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